Video: Annie Sloan, Chalk Paint® Decorative Paint Creator

When Annie Sloan developed her signature range of decorative paint, Chalk Paint®, in 1990, she revolutionized the way we see decorative painting. In today’s world of re-purposing, being able to change outdated furniture into a gorgeous and useful treasure is invaluable.

Watch the video above and you’ll begin to understand why and how we fell in love with Annie Sloan and Chalk Paint®. Annie’s warmth and talent shine through this video and as for the paint, it really is that easy and that good!

Why Chalk Paint® Decorative Paint by Annie Sloan?

Chalk Paint® is Annie Sloan paint. It’s a brand of paint, not a type of paint. Annie branded her decorative paint Chalk Paint® because it yields a gorgeous result with a smooth chalk-like finish.

Many decorative paint enthusiasts, from individuals to businesses, have begun offering products or blog recipes that capitalize on the “chalk” word in Chalk Paint®. (Psst…..There is no chalk in Chalk Paint®.)  While we applaud their initiative for joining the revolution, we’re confident that after comparing products, you’ll go right back to the original Chalk Paint®. It’s simply the best paint in the world for decorative painting!

For more information about Chalk Paint® decorative paint, visit Annie’s blog, and definitely check out

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