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1970 Mirrors before and after

Chalk Paint® Makeover: 70’s Plastic Mirror

The Challenge: We recently acquired a pair of pretty awful faux wood finish 1970’s plastic mirrors. Could they be dramatically changed into something beautiful and useful for today using Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan? Since I had just completed the little Swedish-style makeover and had open paint and wet brushes, I decided to […]

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Annie Sloan Painted Chest inspired by Paul Klee

Annie Sloan & Paul Klee – Inspirational Innovators

Ever the innovator, Annie Sloan does it again! In her latest blog post, Annie Sloan, the dynamic inventor of  Chalk Paint® decorative paint, finds new inspiration in the paintings of Paul Klee. Paul Klee was born on December 18, 1879, in Münchenbuchsee, near Bern, Switzerland. His highly developed sense of color and style were greatly […]

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French Shutter Catch

A New Blog: Annie Sloan • Paint & Colour

Annie Sloan has created a new blog and it’s an absolute must read! The posts are packed with information, inspiring stories, and beautiful images, which Annie ties in nicely by posting color swatches from her Chalk Paint®. A fine example comes from Annie’s post about Australia showing old ironwork and a gorgeous balcony above pillars reminiscent […]

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